A Basic Guide On French Chandeliers

Looking to upgrade your interior into something extraordinary? Try a trendy look yet stay connected to the royal fixtures this time that enhance and brighten up the place. And what would be a better choice than installing French chandeliers, from your living room to a formal dining room? French chandeliers have always been adding charm with their combination of a modern and traditional outlook.

With their exquisitely detailed ornamentation and numerous light lumen holders, French chandeliers can turn your boring room into a dazzling space that would not allow your attention to go elsewhere. So don’t wait any longer because Cristal Lighting has brought its startling https://www.cristallighting.com/french-chandelier/ collection, perfect for all kinds of interior spaces.

French vs. Modern Chandeliers:

The key characteristic that distinguishes French chandeliers from those modern designs is their lighting functions. These chandeliers, with their lights looking upwards, draw attention to the upper section of the space, producing an almost mirrored ambiance.

Where modern designs are all about simplicity and a minimalistic approach, French chandeliers tend to be fancier. They are usually constructed from delicate materials that add to the fine details and intricate decorations.

Like modern art, modern chandeliers use the same method and are designed using simple lines and basic shapes. Their main objective is to be more functional and they don’t focus on astounding the onlookers. While the French chandeliers happen to be more closely related to traditional art and make use of as many complex curves and complicated designs as possible.

What to Consider When Installing a French Chandelier

1. Position of the Chandelier

It is a knowledge that every human being is born with that the chandeliers are installed in the center of the room. This has various reasons, one being aesthetically pleasing for the viewers. Being in the center, the beautifully detailed French chandelier would provide a similar perspective to everyone sitting in the room.

The position is also important because most people want an even distribution of the artificial ambient light, so every corner of the room is equally distributed. Because a French chandelier is typically huge, it is best to place it in the center to satisfy the visual balance. As human beings find peace in a symmetrical environment. If the chandelier happens to be even slightly off-center, it would not sit right in people’s eyes.

2. Height of Chandelier

Since French chandeliers are larger compared to other types, they must be installed at a calculated height. This is the most essential factor to consider in places where large gatherings take place to avoid any unnecessary glare in people’s eyes.

Installing a French chandelier has the sole purpose of enhancing the aura of the room and creating a bright enchanted space. This aim would completely fail if the chandelier is placed so low that it interferes with the movement and circulation of people or disturbs their visual space.

3. Chandelier’s Brightness

The brightness of any chandelier depends on its lumen count. Therefore, it is safe to say that the French chandeliers are extremely bright in terms of their lighting intensity. However, they are available in multiple sizes with varying lumen counts to serve a purpose in all types of rooms.


When choosing between numerous French chandeliers, Cristal Lighting would be the ideal choice as they have a wide range of options you can opt from. You would not need to look anywhere else as they have chandeliers in multiple sizes, varying lumen output ranges, and countless stunning designs.