A guide on installing the frameless shower screens

The frameless shower screens are the most sought after shower screens at the moment. The price might be somewhat high to some people, but that is not a deterrent. Wonder why? Well, this article will show you all the admirable and awesome parts of the frameless shower. With a more in-depth understanding of the frameless shower screens, you will come to see how it is that they are just right for just about everyone.

We will also be making a comparison with other types of shower screen. Then, we will compare all the awesome attributes of the frameless shower screens with the price. Finally, we will pay attention to whether or not the frameless shower screens requires extreme conditions to install.

What exactly are Frameless Shower Screens?

The frameless shower screens as mentioned earlier are the best and newest parts of modern-day bathroom design. There is a rising need for independent bathing space in the bathroom. This need led to the invention of the framed shower screens. Then we had the semi-framed shower screens. And now, the frameless shower screens are leading the charge to a more harmonised and stylish bathroom with independent bathing space.

The frameless shower screens are made up of shower screens which are all perfectly stitched together. Depending on the chosen shape, the number of independent shower screens varies. The metal components are virtually non-existent. The metal is limited to only the accompanying accessories.

How does the frameless shower screens compare with other Shower Screen Designs?

The frameless shower screens are more expensive than other typical shower screen designs. But that increase in price might not seem like much anymore once you have laid eyes on the real deal. In fact, people say that it is worth it.  

The framed shower screen is cheaper but is also an earlier model of the frameless shower screens. Meaning that they are not as trendy as the frameless shower screens. How about the semi-frameless shower screens? Well, they were a popular hit and an attempt at establishing a frameless shower screen. Now that the frameless shower screens are here, it is obvious that they have all the advantages of the previous versions and done away with the unwanted parts.

Advantages of the frameless shower screens

The first and most outstanding advantage is that you do not have to worry about getting the right colour. Second impressive advantage, it is durable.

Installation of the Frameless Shower Screen

Just because it is frameless does not mean it is unreasonably difficult to install. Contact any trusted supplier around you. They would be more than willing to help. We have years of experience with shower screens and other bathroom facilities and accessories.

In conclusion, we could go on and on with the advantages, but we`ll stop here. Trust us. The extra money you spend on the frameless shower screens will be worth every penny in the long run. With regard to instalment, try us. We know just what you want.