Balinese Bathroom Designs for Your House

Balinese bathrooms are really beautiful and will be a special addition to any home. Choose a Balinese inspired theme for your bathroom for it to look fresh and elegant. A bathroom is a personal space for everyone and it is extremely important that it is done up well. Usually, bathrooms are not given much thought when it comes to decor and that is a grave injustice to it. A bathroom is an important and practical room and should be given its due importance. Think about it – it is where a person is groomed to begin the day so ideally, it should be a clean and elegant room which is well appointed. It is also a haven for some when they come back home from a tiring day and thus it is all the more reason it is beautiful.

Balinese bathrooms have a different charm and elegance about them. In keeping with the Balinese concept of design, the decor should be minimalist, space saving and eco friendly. Think Bali and the freshness of the sea, the wide stretching sands, pristine beaches, etc. come to mind and this is the motif to incorporate in your bathroom. Be inspired by the sea and that is all you need to do up your Balinese bathrooms. Invest in a lot of bamboo and reed items for it.

For example, have a bamboo or wicker laundry basket, varnished and polished to make it shine. These are lightweight and eco friendly too. Large glass shower stalls for a spacious feel. A rain showerhead for incredibly rejuvenating bath time. Balinese bathrooms are incomplete without a few shells lying around so if you have picked up any shells as souvenirs, scatter them around. Candles in little glass holders are also a good idea for Balinese bathrooms and will provide a soothing atmosphere. Look online for further inspiration.