Bathroom vanity repurpose tips


Bathroom vanities are indispensable in the modern bathroom setting due to the multipurpose nature of these vanities. However, there’s likely going to be a time when you’d want to upgrade your bathroom vanity to more efficient units, and this is understandable. It’s no gainsaying that a lot of people go through the trouble of looking for the right channel to dispose of their old vanity units; some of these people end up dumping the vanity unit in their yard.

The disposal of bathroom vanity isn’t necessary as there are so many ways to put your old vanity unit into good use. This article highlights some innovative ways to repurpose your old vanity for extended use.

Laundry tub

Your old vanity basin could efficiently serve as the ideal laundry tub for years to come. With simple steps, you’d have your old basin fitted on your washing table and ready to handle all of your laundry needs. An excellent way to go about this is by using a rubber stopper to plug the basin’s drainage.

The right garden accessory

Your garden could always do with a proper washing basin, and your old vanity units could be perfect for this. You could easily set up a stand right by the corner and then have the basin installed on the top. Channel the drain underneath the table towards the garden’s irrigation.  There’s no harm in washing your hand in the basin right after a long day’s work. Also, the idea of using the vanity basin as a nursery bed isn’t bad since it’s spacious enough to take as many plants as possible.

The dining area

Proper hygiene is encouraged before and after meals; there’s no better way to promote this hygiene than having a functional vanity basin in the corner of the dining area. Fixing your old wall hung vanity on the dining wall allows for easy accessibility when it comes to hand washing.

It’s the perfect decor.

You might have seen one or two vanities that are being used as stylish decorations. A little touch of paint could be all that your old vanity needs to bring out the appealing look. Rather than dispose of your old vanity, you could have it designed and given a facelift for your living room or patio area. Another innovative move is to have some flowers springing up from within the basin.

Kitchen sink

No one likes the sight of dirty plates and other utensils littering the kitchen and vanity units could help solve this situation effectively. Vanity basins are a close substitute to the kitchen sink, and the use of your old vanity in your kitchen could prove to be a masterstroke. The fact that most vanity basins are even sturdier than the traditional kitchen sinks translates to efficiency in holding more plates at once.

Final thought

There’s been a popular misconception about the use of vanity units; most people feel these accessories are only suited for use in the bathroom. However, there are many ways to put your old vanity unit to proper use. This article highlights some of those ways in which your old vanity unit could serve you outside your bathroom.