Dream Bathroom Details for the Ladies

Dream Bathroom Details

For ladies, the bathroom is not just a place to get clean and do your business. It is a sanctuary where they can relax as they soak up in a tub after a long day. It is a war zone where they rush to get ready for a first date. It is a place that holds their toiletries, skincare products, and cosmetics. Women do not only dream of a walk-in closet. They also dream of a huge, spa-like bathroom that caters not only to their hygiene but also their vanity.

Renovating a woman’s bathroom is a treat. Whether you are designing a bathroom for the house you are about to built or plan to upgrade an existing bathroom, here are some tips that can help you produce the dream bathroom that will make any woman happy.

Install bathroom vanities

A bathroom vanity is a sink, storage space, and countertop in one. The bigger, the better. You can have a long unit that can cover the entire wall of the bathroom to give her more space for all her cosmetics, skincare products, toiletries, hairdryer, perfumes, and other things she will need to get ready to go out. These bathroom vanity units can provide shelves or cabinets that can also store extra towels, toilet paper, and toiletry stock. There is no such thing as having too much storage space for a girl.

An excited woman

Mirrors all over

Even though they will not admit it, women love to look at themselves. They also have the need to see every angle of how their makeup looks or how their outfit looks before they go out. Installing mirrors in the bathroom will be a delight. You can have a mirror over the sink and a whole-length mirror on another corner. If you have the budget, you can mount a whole mirror slab across your wall. Either way, she will surely love it.

Add more sockets

Women use a lot of appliances to maintain their beauty that needs electric power to function such as the curling iron and the hair blower. Having additional sockets near their bathroom vanity is a convenient spot as it will make it easier for them to get ready.

Dream Bathroom Details

Light up

Bright lights make the bathroom look bigger and it also helps a woman apply her makeup thoroughly. You can save money by applying light bulbs on the side of the mirror where they apply their makeup that way your bathroom will not be flashed with bright light every time.

Let her soak

Instead of a shower, install a bathtub. It will be a luxury for them. Make sure the edges of the tub has space for scented candles or bath salts. Every woman enjoys a good soak at the end of a long day. A bathtub will definitely make them want to come home right away.

Give her a throne

Getting ready can take a while for ladies. Instead of letting them stand over their bathroom vanity units, get them a chair so they can sit down and feel calm as they get work on their hair and makeup. This will definitely make her feel like a queen.