Easy Steps For Creating a Fire Pit

You can make your summer the most enjoyable and memorable one ever with a simple addition to your yard- a fire pit. Fire pits are great for giving your backyard a transformed look, with the effect of a campfire-like setting.

Considering all that is happening across the world, it is imperative to find comfort in your home. Fortunately, fire pits are pretty easy to make, and here, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on building your Chinese fire pits.

Supplies Needed For Making a Fire Pit

– Spray paint

– Gravel

– Digging tools

– Metal ring and concrete stones

– Adhesive

– Rubber Mallet

Before you proceed to make your fire pit, it is crucial to confirm with your local area’s fire service to be sure that fire pits are allowed. Also, when marking out a space for your fire pit, ensure it is at least 10 feet from any structures such as buildings, fences, trees, etc. Moreover, you should ensure that your fire pit doesn’t have anything hanging above it.

Procedure For Building A Fire Pit

  • Create an Outline

The first step in making your fire pit is creating an outline, and doing this; you need to arrange the bottom pieces of your stone in the grass where you would like your fire pit. If you are using a metal ring, you can lay out stones around the ring to create an outline. Next, take out some of the stones to create space and mark the exterior of the fire pit with spray paint.

  • Dig

Using any digging tool at your disposal, dig around your circle about 6″ deep. This task could be either difficult or easy depending on where you reside.

  • Fill the Pit

After digging your hole of about 6″, dump your gravel into the hole till it levels with the ground. This is a necessary step to provide your fire pit with a drainage space in case it rains.

  • Build Your Fire Pit

Start by arranging the first ring of stones around the gravel circle and use a mallet to even out the stones and make them flat. If you’re using a metal ring, ensure to place your stones appropriately around the ring.

When laying the second row, apply some masonry adhesive to the stones and align them to sit on the ends of the bottom row. Again, use your mallet and even out the second row, and repeat the process till you achieve your desired height.


Building your fire pit is pretty straightforward. With the appropriate supplies and tools, you can follow this guide to create a beautiful fire pit around which you and your loved ones can enjoy blissful and warm moments over a barbecue.

After making your fire pit, ensure to begin your first fire with bits of dry leaves, papers, and sticks. Once you have your starter fire going, you can add smaller logs and branches before moving to more significant pieces of wood.

When you must have made several fires in your fire pit, use a shop vac to evacuate the ashes because they can build up and blow around, causing litter on your hair, clothes, and food.