Giraffe Power Washer and Key Instructions

There are lots of instructions needed to be taken into consideration when using the giraffe power washer. These instructions might seem like much at a glance but they are not that difficult to follow. Most of them are passed through in the simplest possible language pattern. This is to ensure that it is understandable to everyone. These instructions make the best use of the equipment powerful motor.

In operating complex machines, it is essential that the person doing the operating is comfortable. The only way to be truly comfortable is with the assurance that everything has been done to specifications. What exactly are these specifications? This article will be bringing them to the fore. The instructions will be made as clear as possible to benefit as many people as possible.

Instructions to Using the Giraffe Power Washer

  • The machine should be used only in suitable environmental conditions. These conditions could include but are not limited to adequate temperatures. The ideal temperature should be less than or equal to 40 degrees Celsius. Whatever liquid is used in the machine should also meet the very same temperature requirements.

Using liquids of higher than instructed temperature could lead to a drop in water pressure during use. This drop would need an adjustment in water temperature in order to be alleviated.

Additionally, the liquid should meet a required viscosity. This viscosity should be equal to or of a lower value than 100cP. Examples of these kind of liquids are rain water and well water.

  • There is no need to bother about manually replacing water expended periodically. As long as it is connected to a larger water source, there is no issue. The giraffe Power washer has a self replenishing function. This means that as long as the water in the well or reservoir does not run out, all is well.
  • The height of absorption of water should be less than a meter. This height of absorption could also be referred to as the suction of the power washer. Less than 1 meter is the height that is recommended by the producer.

Further Instructions for using the Giraffe Power Washer

If after using for a minute or so, the machine seemingly short down, follow these steps:

  1. Verify that the height of absorption of water meets the recommended standard. This means that it should be less than a meter.
  2. Check whether or not the filter is blocked. If this is the case, then the filter should be cleaned. This cleaning should be more than effective in rectifying the issue.
  3. Check if the inlet hose is where it should be. At times the water level drops and the hose is barely touching it. In this situation, the hose should be made to submerge into the water.
  4. Check if the sucking pressure is less than the pressure being used to work. If this is the case, it is possible that the filter or the Lance could be blocked.


These guidelines should be effective for all of users of the giraffe power washer. There are many more. But by following f these, it is impossible to go wrong.