How to Decorate Bathroom to Look It Beautiful?

bathroom decoration

A bathroom is a place where we spend the most time in a day. This is a place where we get ready every morning for a delightful day. So, it is worth making this space beautiful. There is no denying that you may need to spend extra bucks to decorate bathroom.

What if we tell you that you can give your bathroom an elegant look without breaking the bank? Yes, it is possible. All you can do is transforming your bathroom with some simple upgrades.

In this article, we’ll share our best bathroom decorating ideas to make your bathroom look beautiful. Whether you are updating bathroom vanity Bunnings or refurbishing a master bath, the following decorating tips will make a huge impact.

·       Give a Touch of Greenery

The most used convenient way to decorate bathroom is to add green here and there. Put a lush plant at the corner or near the window. You can try a small potted asparagus fern or orchid. Lay a colourful rug at the centre to compliment the green look.

·       Paint Everything in Bright Color

Pick any of your favourite bright colours. Paint everything in your bathroom from the mirror frame, wall, to faucets. The colour should give visual interest. We suggest trying a whitish colour.

·       Put A Bathroom Cabinet As Organizer

An excellent way to keep your bathroom organized is to place a small bathroom cabinet at any corner. Keep necessary things in a few baskets or trays. Place them inside the cabinet. It will not only organize things but also give your bathroom a coordinated look.

bathroom decoration

·       Repurposed Hutch

Repurposed hutches are not only made for dining rooms. You can keep it in your large bathroom as well. Trust us; it brings new life to an old bathroom. Store toiletries and supplies inside the hutch.

·       Eye-Catching Hardware

Always remember, a smart touch in hardware makes it eye-catching. You can install rose-gold handle pulls in the vanity, shower door, or cabinets. It makes them look like an expensive one. Besides, you can use a marble tray instead of installing marble countertops.

·       Garden Stool

Furnishing bathrooms with proper equipment makes sense. It doesn’t take too much space if you add a functional one. For example, you can keep a garden stool made of wood or plastic. It comes handy during bathing kids.

·       Display of Artwork

Artworks are not restricted to the living room or the hallway only. It also looks beautiful at the bathroom walls. Place few framed artworks or second-hand pictures in the bathroom wall. It gives functional space a character.

·       Utilize Asymmetrical Spaces

Your bathroom may be oddly-shaped because of the structure of your home. Instead of worrying, go with the flow. Utilize the space by keeping functional accessories. You can even utilize the area like a shower zone.

bathroom decoration

·       Give Metallic Touch

Finally, you can give your bathroom a fancier look by adding metallic ornaments. Such as metallic soap dish, faucets, mirror with metal frame, or even a round metal stool. These will give your bathroom a polished look.


As simple as it sounds. It is fun to decorate bathroom as you have so many helpful ideas. Give one or two of our suggested decorating ideas a try. It will certainly warm up your bathroom and transform it into a cosier retreat. The bathroom will be your favourite place to chill out.