Looking at the Dynamics of Soccer Lights

Soccer is a beautiful sport that has warmed the heart of billions of people all over the world. If you can’t watch a match in the stadium, you can still be part of the experience by watching from your TV screen. One thing that makes all these possible is the presence of stadium lights. Stadium lights are very powerful lights that are mounted at a tall height with small beam angles. These beam angles ensure that the bright light reaches the soccer pitch from the height at which they were mounted.

The height at which a soccer light are mounted varies and it largely depends on the venue or stadium. The beam angle, on the other hand, also depends on the height at which the light is mounted. However, most lights are mounted between 40-60 feet, although they can be as low as 25 feet. While various lights can be mounted in a stadium, LED lights have become a new thing. They can be used for soccer, football, baseball, and even basketball. The best part about using LED lights is the fact that they help conserve a lot of energy and they can be easily controlled.

The Dynamics of Stadium Lights

Since sports play a big role in providing entertainment to billions of people all over the world, stadiums must be lit up whenever we want. During the day, the sun naturally lights up these stadiums. However, since these events are not always played during the day, we need stadium lights at night.

Stadium lights are not just some bright bulbs mounted to mimic the sun. These lights are designed to show the dynamics of the game being played and they focus on key plays in the game while ensuring that there is no over-saturation. It is not enough to just light up the stadium. A lot of things need to be considered to provide the soft focus that makes viewing pleasurable.

Beam Angles

The beam angle of the light is one of the most important things in the stadium. These lights feature high-end optics which dictate specific angles in the stadium. The design and manufacturing of these super optic lenses aren’t easy to do. However, it is very important because light has to be directed to an area where it is needed the most.

When the beam angle is just right, your lights can even cross the soccer pitch without awkward angles or missing patches. However, when the beam angle is wrong, it might result in blinding cross beams which can affect the quality of the game.

How High Should the Lights be Mounted in the Stadium?

Well, the mounted lights should be from 40 feet above for a 500 watt. However, if it is mounted at 60 feet or higher, it should be for 1000 watt or 1200 watt.

Choosing the Best LED Light for Your Soccer Stadium

  1. Ensure that you get quality products.
  2. Make sure that the LED light is waterproof.
  3. Search for a LED light that has a high color rendering index.
  4. Look for an appropriate light color.
  5. Use a LED light that reduces glare to the minimum.