Why it’s About Time You Get a Garden Hose Reel

A garden hose is a must-have tool for any household. You use it to water your plants, wash your car, give your dogs a bath, and do some serious cleaning. If you have one and you use it often, you should think of giving it an upgrade and getting a garden hose reel. You will be surprised how much easier it is to do all your tasks with one.

If you are not convinced, here is a list of reasons why you should get a garden hose reel for your home.

Benefits of using a garden hose reel

Lesser risks of tripping

How many times have you, a family member or your pets tripped over the garden hose while it was not in use? Isn’t it annoying? Having a garden hose reel means your garden hose will be tucked safely away. No more tripping hazards in the area!

No kinks

Kinks in hoses can lead to a delay in water flow, cracks in the material, and leaks. This usually is caused by the hose being looped or rolled up in a tight manner or the hose being stepped on often. With a garden hose reel, there will be no pressure on the hose as you reel them in so there are fewer instances of kinks.

Saves space

Garden hoses are usually bulky so they are difficult to store – especially if you use thick and long ones. A garden hose reel gives them a designated area for storage and allows you to coil them in a compact manner so that it does not occupy a lot of space. The wall-mounted garden hose reel is the best option for those who find this a particular problem.

Protection from the elements

A garden hose can easily be damaged when it is often exposed to the UV rays of the sun or when it is always wet making it a host for molds or moss to grow. If you get a garden hose reel that comes with a protective casing, your garden hose will be protected from these elements and will last longer.


Another advantage of having a garden hose reel is that your outdoor area will look tidier and cleaner when the garden hose is not lying around waiting to be used. A garden hose reel will store them easily on the wall or in a corner so they are not in the way.

Easy endings

With a garden hose reel, you no longer have to coil the garden hose by hand – a task that can take time when you have a long one. All you have to do is reel the hose back in place and you are done! This saves you a few minutes and helps you put an end to your tasks quickly!

Get an upgrade now

As you can see, having a garden hose reel comes with benefits that your ordinary garden hose will never be able to achieve. It makes your job easier, gives a safer environment for the entire household, and will help make your yard look neater.

Go online and make an order! Most sellers can ship one to your home through USPS, UPS, or FedEx! Once you experience using a garden hose reel – you will certainly wonder how you ever got by without having one!